How to choose pole length

Are you looking for a guide of how to choose pole length? This page gives you all the answers ... ONE basic rule, one easy to read graphic and table. And as a bonus practical tips for your own personal skiing style.


Classic nordic pole should be reaching just in between your armpit and top of your shoulder.

Skating nordic pole should be longer, the top of your handle should be reaching just in between your chin and top-lip.

HAAKON how to choose pole length

How to choose pole length - table

130 cm 100 cm 110 cm
135 cm 105 cm 115 cm
140 cm 110 cm 120 cm
145 cm 115 cm 125 cm
150 cm 120 cm 130 cm
155 cm 125 cm 135 cm
160 cm 130 cm 140 cm
165 cm 135 cm 145 cm
170 cm 140 cm 150 cm
175 cm 145 cm 155 cm
180 cm 150 cm 160 cm
185 cm 155 cm 165 cm
190 cm 160 cm 170 cm
195 cm 165 cm 175 cm
200 cm 170 cm 180 cm
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How to choose pole length based on your skills

I am a hobby skier: choose shorter poles, they are easier to manipule with

I am more of a power skier, I double-pole often: choose longer poles, by 1-2 cm is enough

I prefer classic style: length complies with the table

I am a racer: trust your feeling, you can manage longer poles

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