Handle HAAKON Carbon Easy Twist 2.0


Genious and simple way of locking your strap to the handle HAAKON Carbon Easy Twist. Precise adjustment, no slipping and light handle makes your skiing experience free of trouble.

Simple, yet genious! The Handle HAAKON Carbon Easy Twist 2.0 is a new and unique system of locking your strap to the handle, developed and produced in the Czech Republic. Attachment of the strap is done only by twisting the upper piece of the handle, causing the steel screw to push right into the strap band inside. This way the adjustment of the strap is 100% precise, no need to redo over and over again. Thanks to the sharp stainless steel tip, there is no slipping of the strap from the handle. Therefore, your adjustment stays reliable throughout all of your cross-country skiing trainings. The handle is made of carbon blend and 80% of natural cork.




Blend of carbon and 80% of natural cork


31 g


1 pair

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