Have you ever broken your pole?

And went on to buy a new pair? We did ... and we don't want this for you.

We have started this project of shaft exchange to offer something fresh, something that eases your worries and saves your money. Now you can finally enjoy top-notch quality of your poles without stress of breaking them.

We guarantee an exchange of your broken shaft ... for 3 years!

Fixed fee

For 10 - 35 EUR depending on the pole model, you get something like an insurance for your poles.

Two shafts

You can exchange two broken shafts total, no questions asked!

3 years!

This offer is valid for 3 years! Your only expense is freight charges.

Where do I buy the Shaft Exchange Guarantee?

Contact us to find out if you have a local distributor of HAAKON poles in your country or place an order directly on [email protected]

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