by the Technical University of Liberec, czech republic.

Carbon fibre technology.

Only the highest quality of carbon fiber, with origins in Japan and South Korea, and latest technology is used when producing carbon ski poles HAAKON. It is the carbon fiber that ensures an unbelievable stiffness while staying extremely light-weight. Stiffness is a key denominator to ensure minimal arching of the pole during skiing. To improve resilience, HAAKON ski poles are manufactured through a special technology of carbon fiber layering. Top models of HAAKON ski poles feature Ultra High-modulus carbon (UHMC) which is a standard quality used by skiers in the Nordic World Cup series.

Technology HAAKON carbon shaft
HAAKON Technology

Firm basket and carbide tip.

Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by the Technical University of Liberec. High resistance plastic and carbide tip are both designed to withstand extreme shocks on ice or concrete surface. The basket has a wide shape to adapt to majority of snow conditions.

Carbon Easy Twist handle.

Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by modern technology of the Technical University of Liberec. Ergonomic shape with the Easy Twist technology is an easy way to adjust or exchange the straps. The strap is safely attached to the handle without the risk of slipping. Natural cork blend ensures comfort while skiing.

Technology HAAKON handle
Technology HAAKON strap

Comfortable strap.

Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic. Design and material has been tested and approved by a number of elite skiers. Velcro fastening is of highest quality to avoid abrasion and it is designed not to overlap outside the strap. Wide range of sizes offers high flexibility and comfort. The strap is compatible with other systems. 


World-class research institute Technical University of Liberec (TUL) ensures access to the newest technologies and innovations. Together, we develop resilient materials for HAAKON ski poles components and innovative solutions of straps and baskets. All material testing, incl. carbon shafts, takes place in TUL to guarantee highest quality. Experts at TUL help HAAKON ski poles to stand next to the biggest brands of Nordic skiing equipment.

Czech suppliers

Quality is of highest importance to us. Therefore we carefully select Czech suppliers and choose only experts who can deliver reliable and precise results. They become our partners who work relentlessly to create a perfect product. Thanks to an easy accessibility, we are constantly in touch, we have the quality of our products under control and we can promptly react to our customers’ desires and needs.

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